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Custom handcrafted 3D collection of Metaverse ready BTCSkullz characters with various traits. Limited release coming soon.

Skullbraham Lincoln premiering at Verse: Immersive Augmented Reality exhibit April 7th in Denver.

About us

BTCSkullz is 33 Limited Unique 3D Modeled Characters Minted on the Polygon Blockchain. Not only is each piece a displayable work of art, every single NFT contains an unlockable asset pack which allows your BTCSkullz utility into:

  • Metaverses
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Wearables


Handpicked properties for each character that will develop over the course of your digital journey. Examples below:


Each of the Skullz are custom designed influenced by history, urban street culture and current events.


Individually textured Bitcoins engraved in each Skull mark the unique value of the character chosen.

BTC Power Ring

The life force of each character depends on the BTC Power Ring to keep you juiced up for optimal metaverse influence and features.


Customized eyes for every BTCSkullz character, you choose your vision as you see fit, no Skullz eyes are exactly the same.


Rare Skullz are equipped with apparel including streetwear, as well as other accessories and wearables.


Each BTCSkullz NFT either has accessories or can be leveled up to include new or upgraded accessories.

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